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The Idyllic Springhouse Country Park, situated in the scenic forest outside Hexham, is a great holiday retreat for the family. As far as Holiday Parks in Northumberland go, this has got to be one of the most interesting, and definitely the closest to nature. Your Springhouse holiday home can be easily customised to suit your tastes as well with our range of approved contractors on hand for patios, decking and planting displays. Our small football pitch, basketball net and epic climbing frame are great to keep the children amused, or rather you can take the whole family on a scenic walk through the forest, surrounded by the beauty of Northumberland’s wildlife. The nearby town of Hexham is known for its picturesque scarcity, elaborate folklores and legends, leather manufacturing and historical constructs. The crypt of Hexham Abbey, which survives from 674, incorporates stones taken from the nearby Roman ruins of Hadrian’s Wall. The Old Gaol, behind the Moot Hall on Hallgates, ordered by the Archbishop of York, was the first purpose built jail in England. It is now a museum featuring the Border History Library where visitors can research their family history. The Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain Museum was built to celebrate all the weird of wonderful tales of old from across the nation. Eight artists were commissioned to create work in response to various aspects of the UK’s rich folkloric history, including the tales of the Green Man. A famous story with its roots in Hexham itself is that of the Wolf of Allendale. When you’re choosing holiday homes for sale in Northumberland, make sure to ask the locals about this tale. It is based entirely on a true story from the winter of 1904 but quickly became part of the town’s folklore traditions. At the time, the newspapers began reporting the local farmers’ concerns of loss of livestock in attacks which seemed to match those of a wolf in the village of Allendale. Many locals claimed to have seen the wolf, though descriptions seemed to differ. Reports of a wolf lurking near the local school brought a hundred and fifty residents to the scene, many armed with guns but to no avail as the wolf disappeared. A one hundred strong hunting party then tracked the wolf but failed to draw it to their guns. A second party, this time made up of two hundred hunters, then did the same, but again, failed. The villagers became very concerned, particularly as the attacks on livestock continued, and many put lighted lanterns outside their homes to ward off the wolf. A Wolf Committee was set up and the Haydon Hounds, led by prized bloodhound Monarch, were put on the trail but still the wolf alluded capture. Finally, the Committee hired Mr. W. Briddick, a highly skilled Indian Game Hunter. A large wolf had recently been seen leaping over a wall by a group of farmers and had also apparently approached a group of women and children, though fled when they began to scream. The wolf was never officially found and the Wolf Hunt became part of the villagers’ folklore, complete with costumes and singing. A wolf was found dead on some railway tracks over thirty miles away from the village, but reports suggested that it was not the same wolf. Some have suggested the Allendale forest was the home of a large pack of wolves, which would explain why descriptions differed so much. Eventually, the sightings and attacks ceased but the tales lived on. Hexham is also notable for its grand racecourse at Yarridge Heights in the hills above the town, which holds National Hunt steeplechase races throughout the year. There is plenty to see and do at Springhouse County Park and its surrounding areas!

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